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If you have anything you want added or changed to this wiki, feel free to open a Pull Request or Tweet me @ClevrPwn.
Currently you can find Beta 1 - Beta 6 Decrypted Kernels, Disassembled Beta 1 and some Beta 2, we'll be steadily updating the site with more info. Catch ClevrPwn and WVabrinskas at WWJC2016 speaking about on the wiki. We will post slides at the end of the con.

Core Team


Documentarian, Hacker, Marijuana Enthusiast and Activist. I like to put linux things on OS X.


I codeā€¦or try to


Collector of Stuff, Aspiring Developer that breaks things.


Cydia Developer, Programmer, iOS Hacker, and Game Developer. Games: Crow Projects/Tweaks: InstaURL, Go2Now, Boxy, Boxy 2, and Sticky. iOS Applications: Shade