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Currently you can find Beta 1 - Beta 6 Decrypted Kernels, Disassembled Beta 1 and some Beta 2, we'll be steadily updating the site with more info. Catch ClevrPwn and WVabrinskas at WWJC2016 speaking about on the wiki. We will post slides at the end of the con.

Tools That Helped Us Along The Way


The X is for “cross”, because unlike PwnageTool, this utility has no dependencies on proprietary, closed-source software and can potentially be compiled and used on any platform.

More info can be found here


Written by Willem Hengeveld and used to decompress the kernel cache once dercypted.

More info can be found here.


The jtool command is meant to meet and exceed the functionality to XCode’s otool(1), picking up along the way additional Mach-O commands such as atos(1), dyldinfo(1), nm(1), segedit(1), pagestuff(1), strings(1) , and even codesign(1) and the informal ldid. jtool also provides novel features, such in-binary search functionality, symbol injection and a disassembler functionality with (limited but constantly improving) emulation capabilities. It also provides color output. Most importantly, it can be run on a variety of platforms - OS X, iOS, and even Linux.

More info can be found here.


Joker is a quick and dirty iOS kernelcache handling utility Jonathan Levin has written ^(as well as jtool) to assist in my reverse engineering. Apple tries their damn hardest to make reversing the kernel as hard as possible: With every release, more symbols are stripped. The kernelcache, being prelinked, requires less symbols to begin with (and tables in memory, as all LINKEDIT segments, are jettisoned). And - let’s not forget - the kernelcache is encrypted. 32-bit kernelcaches can be decrypted thanks to the holy work by @xerub and others, but no 64-bit kernelcache keys exist (publicly), and the only way to “see” the kernel is by dumping it.

More info can be found here.